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It is a powerful and intuitive medical software for medical practices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, highlighted in the press and represented at trade fairs.

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About us

zollsoft GmbH (imprint) is an innovative company founded by a family of doctors which is specializing in customized software in the medical sector.

1. Many useful Features.

tomedo® is a medical software for cash accounting (including all HzV and many other specialist and selective contracts such as PNP, urology, homeopathy, orthopedics, diabetology, cardiology / gastroenterology, Armin, integrated care nursing home, rheumatism), private billing (private liquidation according to GOÄ or GebüH incl. PVS / PAD and Datev interface) and BG-billing (UV GOÄ incl. Dale UV connection) certified.

tomedo® offers many useful features such as dictation function, online appointment booking via practice website, online video consultation, patient self-registration, anamnesis and appointment assignment, that patients can do themself on a computer in a practice, recalls and appointment reminders via SMS, e-mail or letters, waiting room TV with patient call system, workflow automation, work time recording including vacation and duty plan as well as shift planner and time recorder app, task management with e-mail connection, quality management, auto-login via face recognition and much more.

Video: tomedo-funktions, that you should know

User reviews

Tomedo is top class!!!! We have just made our transition from Turbomed to tomedo. The practice was closed only for 3 days. On the 4th day, the practice started to work with a reduced number of patients. Since the day 5th the practice continues to work normally!
Dr. Ralf Kampmann - Group practice with 4 general practitioners in Verden
In October 2014, we switched from turbomed to tomedo. We have fortunately no problem although the software of many of our devices runs under Windows.
Dipl.-Med. Mike Prater - Group practice internist and psychiatrist in Erfurt
2. Save your time.

Depending on analyses and work steps that you write into the electronic patient file our practice management system suggests automatically diagnoses and GOÄ / EBM figures (the newspaper 'Ärztezeitung' has recently reported on our KI system). It allows you to spend your time taking care of the patients rather than worrying about stupid billing issues. When you input services and diagnoses you will be also alerted to errors with our live billing error list and you can process them immediately or whenever you have time. It allows to do the KV billing in a few minutes. You can download our quartals updates to your server in a running system with one click within minutes and import them automatically to all workstations.

User reviews

On the tablets, the patients fill out a digital medical history sheet, [...] and seconds later, the information is in the patient file.
Dr. Josef Wolff - Eye center Heppenheim
tomedo unterstützt den gesamten Ablauf eines Patientenbesuchs. Durch die mobile Einsetzbarkeit erleichtert es allen Ärzten, die mit der notfallmäßigen Versorgung von Patienten befasst sind, den Arbeitsalltag erheblich.
Dr. Bernd Naujoks - Notfallmediziner aus Osterholz-Scharmbeck
3. Certified.

The KBV license authorizes tomedo® officially as a practice management software for drug prescription according to the AVWG, online billing in health insurance and BG area (incl. Dale UV connection), 1-click KV-Connect / KV-Safenet, e- Doctor's letter, DMP-eDoku, early detection colonoscopy, laboratory data import and form print. The electronic documentation of skin cancer screening (HKS-eDoku) is also successfully used in numerous dermatological practices.

User reviews

I wonder a bit [about the anamnesis per iPad], how much playful joy even elderly patients make using the technology and it saves the practice a lot of time in the daily work routine.
Dr. Marc Unkelbach - ENT physician in München
Thanks to the hight considered and user-friendly operation of the new system, I was able to speed up my findings and now have more time for patient consultations. The one of many examples is the good integration of text modules in connection with speech recognition. Also the data migration worked perfectly ...

As patients fill out and sign many documents, such as the information sheets directly on the iPad now, we were able to make a big step towards paperless practice.
Dr. Anne Roth - Specialist in diagnostic radiology
4. Five-Stars Support.

We follow the philosophy of user-driven development, in other words, every customer has the opportunity to give feedback by phone, mail or via our forum and to submit tickets. Tickets are regularly analyzed and prioritized by our product managers and forwarded to one of our 30 programmers. As a result, our practice management system is constantly being improved and becomes even more intuitive day by day, version by version.

tomedo® was developed in cooperation with two large doctor's practices in Jena (Germany) - under the guidance of over 80 doctors and staff - and it is now being successfully used by more than 2,000 doctors.

User reviews

After 21 years of Informed we use now since June tomedo in a specialist medical internship with 7 employees. We are totally convinced of the program, the support is optimal, the implementation of programming wishes is incredibly good. The change to tomedo was one of the best decisions this year!
Dr. Wolfgang Dobmeier - Internist in Amberg
Thank you for the competent support and the program!
Dr. Rudolf Eicker - Anesthesiologist in Bottrop
We have been using tomedo since May 2014 in a relatively small practice and are especially pleased with the very good support for problem cases that exist with every new software. The operation of tomedo is simple and intuitive, but also offers many shortcuts for „Power-User“, which accelerate routine processes.
Dr. Wolfgang Krause - General practitioner in Göppingen
5. Mobile.

The mobile app allows practices never stop: in practice or on the way, you can dictate anamnesis or automatically synchronize your finding images with the patient's file. Patient calls, vehicle navigation and using of high-resolution dermatoscopes are also possible directly from the app. Whether at home or during a visit: tomedo® is always ready for use and can easily access live patient data from anywhere via a protected VPN network and modify it in real time.

Via iPad, iPhone or iPod you have an access to the tomedo®-Calendar and your employees can use it to record their working hours, which will be automatically transferred to tomedo®'s time management (including duties and vacation planning). The time recording works through a simple 'push of a button', or automatically via the tomedo® video face recognition.

We have also integrated the Apple Watch. Messages sent via tomedo® are available directly on the watch. You can also view the patients and their to-dos in the daily list. Using of the Apple Watch app and our iPhone apps for practice management and time recording are included in the tomedo® rent.

User reviews

With one click I can call the patient [via Skype or iPhone] and discuss current results with him. If I receive x-rays or other images from a colleague such as an oral surgeon by e-mail they can simply be dragged from the e-mail program into the open patient file. This is a huge relief in everyday life.
Dr. Jochen Reichel - ENT physician in München
I have the tomedo app for the iPhone [...]. Also use the app for image documentation (wounds, ECM). Goes great!
Dr. Judith Petasch - General practitioner in Kamenz
6. Apple Quality.

We are big Apple fans. Work with Apple hardware is enjoyable and free from troubles. tomedo® is the only one we know in Germany praxis software that was originally created for Apple.

Due to the extremely low maintenance and about twice longer lifetime of the hardware, the purchase pays off, although Apple hardware is a bit more expensive than (formally) comparable Windows solutions.

The best evidence is the decision by IBM to use Apple devices throughout the entire company: according to IBM's IT chief Fletcher Previn 'Macs in operation are three times cheaper than Windows PCs'

User reviews

All employees - even without Apple knowledge - are very satisfied. It is a very intuitive system.
Anja Schräpler - Doctor in further education, Harzer PET-Center
Fast performance even via VPN tunnel at home, perfect „yellow mail“ system for internal communication - there is nothing better
Prof. Ekkehard Fabian - Eye center Rosenheim with 6 ophthalmologists und 2 anaesthetists
7. Flexibel.

A well developed repertoire of modules and configurable program components forms the basis for a wide range of possible application's fields. No matter whether a small private doctor's office or a big clinic; psychotherapy, dermatology, ENT, pediatrician or ophthalmologist practice: our tomedo® practice management software can be everywhere optimally adapted to your needs.

We can usually program your wishes that we have not yet fulfilled without additional costs if it would be of interest for other users.

User reviews

We are a practice with 2 general practitioners and one internist and 10 work places. I was fascinated from the start by how intuitive tomedo is to use. Our 5 helpers aged 20 to 53 years are also impressed. The fear of possible data losses during the conversion [from Albis] was unfounded. Everything worked great.

There were initially some difficulties with the integrating of the devices such as for example pulmonary function, EKG, ergometer, etc. However, they were quickly fixed with the help of the support team of tomedo. In daily practice everything works without complications. Appointments, room arrangement, upcoming tasks, documentation, entering numbers are clear and easy to use. Also, the recipe is much better. Due to the Apple interface, it is also easy to create text templates.
Christian Schmauß - Specialist for general, sport und internal medicine in Walldorf
A RIS change must be well considered. That's why we looked at some systems. Due to the high flexibility our choice fell quickly on tomedo with the future-proof Apple solution. Another important point was the now 20-year trusting cooperation with aycan. Again, our high expectations were not disappointed.
Dr. Gustav Treutlein - Radiology Würzburg (7 doctors, 3 locations)
Fortunately, there is now the aycan-zollsoft partnership. As a ‚macianer‘ I was able to integrate the uncomplicated tomedo RIS with the very good aycan workstation into our practice.
Dr. Frank Straube - Harzer PET-Zentrum (Praxis für Nuklearmedizin)
8. To-dos und Calendar.

A core feature of tomedo® was created due to its proximity to the everyday practice in our pilot practices: the control of the practice workflow is possible with our intuitive to-do concept: with lightning-quick moving of to-dos you have always an eye on which patient by whom in which room is currently treated. Your staff can follow the possible workflows with self-configurable action chains (complex of anamnesis, diagnoses, medical documentation, regulations, forms and associated EBM / GOÄ numbers), your staff can follow the possible workflows.

Significant working time and money savings are also offered by our electronic organizer (YouTube-Tutorial): You can configure an automatic appointment search in your office hours via simple click-and-drag programming - with the assignment of to-dos for the user next visit. The patient will be reminded of the appointment by text message and/or e-mail. You determine with a tick for each appointment (or even appointment chain) search, whether it should also be bookable directly by patients on your practice website.

TO-DO: Video Tutorial

User reviews

Already a short time after the change [from Medys ...], the advantages of the new software are noticeable and can not be ignored by the grown practice. [...] Above all „To-do-System“ helps us to clearly and transparently communicate the entire path of a patient through the practice for all employees involved.
Daniel Schneider - General practitioner practice in Dresden
The existing processes were considered from all aspects and discussed openly to ensure optimal implementation of radiological needs in the new RIS. Thanks to this good preparatory work, the conversion could be successfully perfomed in normal patient service.
Michael Gründel - Radiology Würzburg (7 Doctors, 3 locations)
9. Our history.

In 2011, the couple Dres. Christine and Philipp Zollmann - the owners of the medical centre and a large specialist practice - were looking for an intuitively operated medical practice management software (read more in our FAQ). It was clear after a long and thorough research that it did not exist. That's how the idea came to develop an own medical software.

The creators of this project were quickly found - in their own family: dr. Andreas and Johannes Zollmann, both computer scientists, founded zollsoft GmbH in 2011 on behalf of their parents. The practice management system tomedo® came onto the German market two years later - with a huge success - and by 2017 it had already gained more than 2,000 doctors as customers. It makes tomedo® one of the fastest growing practice programs on the market (approximately 45% growth in 2017), mainly because our doctors recommend tomedo® enthusiastically to their colleagues.

Since we are an owner-managed family business, we think in the long term and therefore attach great importance to equally long term customer relationships. But that will only work if we make our customers happy. With a top product and equally good service. That's what we stand for.

User reviews

With tomedo doctors can again focus on the essentials of their everyday practice - their patients.
Dr. Philipp Zollmann - Specialist in Surgery, Hand Surgery and Phlebology in OP-Center Jena
tomedo unterstützt den gesamten Ablauf eines Patientenbesuchs. Durch die mobile Einsetzbarkeit erleichtert es allen Ärzten, die mit der notfallmäßigen Versorgung von Patienten befasst sind, den Arbeitsalltag erheblich.
Dr. Bernd Naujoks - Notfallmediziner aus Osterholz-Scharmbeck

User reviews

After 20 years Informed I switched to tomedo and very satisfied. Especially the individual settings are perfect for fast documentation (findings, diagnoses, numbers ...).
Dr. Jens Schlicht - Urologist in Kaiserslautern
Dear colleague, we are a cooperating urological doctor's office in Northern Germany with 12 workplaces distributed over 3 locations. The system is running stable; good service with all modern tools (integration of images, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Just Apple...
Dr. Andreas Schneider - Urologist in Winsen
11. Trade fairs.

The peppered tomato juice is not only on the plane, but also at the tomedo® fair stand. Would you like to meet us personally, you can visit us at one of trade fairs in Germany:

      All remarks in a glance

      Section: Certified

    1. The KBV license authorizes tomedo® officially as a practice management software for drug prescription according to the AVWG, online billing in health insurance and BG area (incl. Dale UV connection), 1-click KV-Connect/KV-Safenet, e- Doctor's letter, DMP-eDoku, early detection colonoscopy, laboratory data import and form print. The electronic documentation of skin cancer screening (HKS-eDoku) is also successfully used in numerous dermatological practices.
    2. In case of incorrect input of services and diagnoses you will be immediately warned about it in a globally displayable self-updating check module and the problem can be immediately resolved.
    3. tomedo® is certified in all federal states (including Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) for family-centered care (HzV) by HÄVG and for most S3C contracts including green-click.
    4. A PAD-billing file will be placed on your desktop with one click, so that you can conveniently email it to your PVS.
    5. Your patient can sign anamnesis, reconnaissance sheets and consent formations on the iPad. With the signature saves also the pressure sensitivity, that increases the legal certainty of your documentation. The electronic signature will be saved in the tomedo database. This possibility requires either a stylus "Bamboo Fineline 2" from WACOM or the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.
    6. We offer a patient terminal for automatic self-registration to support and speed up the process of registration. Patients can registrate themself by inserting their electronic card or entering their login data in an accessible computer in practice. Then, if they wish, patients can take their photo, update their telephone number and e-mail address and fill out an anamnesis list. Thus the classic application will be relieved in many routine cases, such as getting an appointment for example. Reduced waiting time can increase patient satisfaction and reduce employee stress.
    7. Focus areas: General medicine, anaesthesiology (anesthesiology), anatomy, occupational medicine, ophthalmology (eye care), vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, pediatric surgery, orthopedics and trauma surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, thoracic surgery, visceral surgery, gynecology and obstetrics (gynecologists), gynecological endocrinology and Reproductive medicine, specializing in gynecological oncology, focus on special obstetrics and perinatal medicine, ENT (otorhinolaryngology), speech, voice and child hearing, skin and venereal diseases (dermatologists, skin specialist), human genetics, hygiene and environmental medicine, interior and General medicine (general practitioners), internal medicine, angiology, endocrinology and diabetology, gastroenterology, hematology and oncology, cardiology, nephrology, pneumology (pulmonary), rheumatology, pediatric and adolescent medicine (paediatricians), focus on children's hematology and D-Oncology, focus on Pediatric Cardiology, specializing in Neonatology, focus on Neuropediatrics, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Public Health, Pathology , Neuropathology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiology, Physiotherapy (Physiotherapists), Podiatry, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Psychotherapists), Focus on Forensic Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Radiology, Focus on Pediatric Radiology, Focus Neuroradiology, forensic medicine, radiotherapy, transfusion medicine, urology.
    8. Misspellings: Toledo, tomato, tomado, tometo, tomed
    9. Under guidance of several dermatologists we developed the video and image documentation system intellipix for skin cancer prevention. Together with a hand dermatoscope (an iPhone attachment), intellipix supports you in nevi-/birthmark control (both chronological comparison and assessment of the risk of malignant melanoma).
    10. Section: Mobil

    11. A VPN tunnel is software that allows you to log in from one network (for example from home) to another private network (your doctor's office) without any security risks.
    12. Your patients can use an iPad to fill and sign information sheets or medical history forms themselves in the waiting room.
    13. If your Mac, iPad or iPhone does not have an active network connection, then tomedo® continues to work independently in offline mode. Once the connection to the server has been restored, all your changes will be automatically uploaded to the server.
    14. Section: Apple Quality.

    15. With Apple's intelligent speech recognition, you can now dictate all your card entries, letters, or forms to your Mac or mobile device.
    16. With tomedo® you benefit from all Mac OS updates without sacrificing functionality, because we guarantee full compatibility with all future Mac OS X versions. If you are always up to date, all "viruses" or "crashes" are foreign words and your data will be always optimally protected.
    17. Our team of experts ensures that your delicate patient data is processed with delicate by working with proven coding methods, state-of-the-art data protection and Mac's native protection.
    18. You can create backups on your own, set up automatic backups and install them in an emergency with a few clicks via our tomedo® server app without being an IT specialist.
    19. We will connect to devices such as EKG, Sono or ergometry via GDT, BDT, DICOM and other interfaces without additional costs.
    20. We support MS Word as well as the free Libre Office for Mac OS for word processing, for example, writing doctor's letters.
    21. Section: Five stars support

    22. Our support was recently rewarded with an 8.34 rating in an anonymous customer survey on a rating scale of 0-10.
    23. You can submit tickets via or our webform. They will be answered by one of our 8 supporters within a very short time.
    24. You can reach us from Monday to Sunday (7am to 10pm) via our support phone number. We will support you by screen transmission.
    25. At the annual user meeting in Jena you can get to know the other Tomedians and us as well. Interested parties are welcome!
    26. Secttion: Flexibel

    27. Our most numerous tomedo physicians are general practitioners, surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, phlebologists, internists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, ENT specialists, anesthesiologists, orthopedists and pool physicians and their assistants. We also have many alternative practitioners as well as osteopaths, podiatrists and physiotherapists.
    28. By the database conversion of all common practice systems we guarantee you a worry-free transfer, even if you use up to now Windows software. Every note, file entry and attachment from your old doctor's software remains and is now more accessible with tomedo® than ever before. In order to be certain about your decision for tomedo and to be able to sleep well before the change, we propose first a free and non-binding test conversion, the result of which we will provide you with in a tomedo trial version where you can "play" for an indefinite period.
    29. We execute conversions from ABOMED, Albis, Apris, APW / Arztpraxis Wiegand, Archilino / x.archilino, Arcandus (Arkandus) / Systemraum, Arcos / CompuMED, CoKom Archiv / CoKom, Data-AL / Zimmer-AL, DataPrax / MedVision, David / Data Vital, DC Patho and DC ROSS / dc systeme, DKCS, doc@rchiv / docarchiv, DOCexpert, DOCcomfort, x.comfort, DOCconcept, x.concept, Dorsymed / CompuMED, Duria, Easymed, Easywin / Promedico, EL (E.L. - Elaphe Longissima) / Softland, Elefant / Hasomed, Elmed / Kups, Epikur, eRIS / Digithurst, EVA / Abasoft, GENOprax / GENOdata, Happy-Doc / Elbatron, Iatro pro, Iatrosoft / Frühwald, ifa / ifasystems, INA / MCS, Indication / ET Software, Informed, INORIS / NEXUS, InterArzt / InterData, InterMediNet / DBI, Intramed / BIOSYSTEMS, ISYNET / MCS, ixx.comfort, ixx.concept, isynet oder x.isynet / J-MED / MDI, Kauz / iSoft, KIWI / Kind, KV-Med / Pharmatechnik, L1 / Lohse, Leisys / DOCexpert, Linumed / Pharmatechnik, Lorenzo / iSoft, M1 / CompuMED, MAP / Saltron, MCS-INA / MCS, MCS-Isynet or x.isynet, Medavis RIS / Medavis, medibit / Arzt & Praxis, MED7 / Bitron, Medical Office / Indamed, mediDOK, Medipas / IMC, medi10 / Pharmatechnik, medicPC / BIOSYSTEMS, MEDISTAR, MediWORKS / MediTec, MeDO,, / Data Control, MedWinner's / MedWinners, MEDOS, Medys 9, Medys 10, MovieStar, multiMED / Varicom, Nephro 7 / MedVision, NEXUS / RIS, Onmed / CompuMED, PDE-Top / MCS Pie Data, Pegamed / Pega, Praktisch / Klaus, PraxisArchiv / Z1, PraxisTimer / Z1, Prisma / RS Datentechnik, Profimed / Promedisoft, Pro Medico, Pro_Medico / Neutz, PRO MED / promed, QMED.PRAXIS, Q-med / Schwerdtner Medizin-Software, Quincy Win,, Quincy PCnet/ Frey, RST-MED / Steinbrecher, S+N, S1 and S3 / Mediamed / Systec, Sisymed / DOCexpert, / GLP networks, starc, Sysmed-KDV / CompuMED, TurboMed, Vestiga, V-doc / CompuMED, WinRadiolog / AKOSYSTEM, Zytomaster / Paschmann. The most common we convert currently Turbomed, Medistar, Albis, Medys and M1 to tomedo. We do not have a T2Med converter yet, but we are working on it.
    30. Do you need to use at the moment an external practice archive program for document/image management? Do you archive regularly profiles, because otherwise the practice management software is too slow? For us "archiving" is considered a wrong word: all documents of a patient are located directly in his electronic patient file and are automatically reloaded in the background. tomedo® saves automatically every change to a medical record or a document on the server. In addition, tomedo® also contains a task management and a quality management (all without additional charge). You can enter there documents that relate to the entire practice and assign them to specific employees or employee groups for reading or editing.
    31. Especially for general practitioners we have developed our own vaccination module, which is available without extra charge. Alternatively, we offer a connection to ImpfDoc-NE® from the German Center for Vaccine Medicine, a special program that always creates vaccination plans for you according to current STIKO recommendations - including travel vaccinations and post-exposure prophylaxis.
      • Automated vaccination plan
      • Current country information for travel vaccinations
      • Consideration of pre-vaccinations and risk parameters (pre-existing diseases, long-term diagnoses, etc.)
      • Integrated warning system
      • Storage for your vaccines
      • Vaccination diagnoses and number chains, which are automatically transferred to tomedo billing
      • Vaccination scheduler, recall system, reconnaissance
    32. A flashing warning alert reminds you at the right time of upcoming checkups, such as the general health check-up above 35.
    33. Section: To-dos und calendar

    34. Tasks, so-called "to-dos", can be assigned to the patient by simply moving with the mouse or using a simple keyboard shortcut. It allows you to control the moving of patients in your practice.
    35. Automatic one-click appointment search, consideration of office hours, visit planning via to-dos, appointment chains, vacation planning, SMS reminders - everything is possible what you can imagine.
    36. Online appointments can be booked by the patient himself directly through your practice website in the tomedo calendar.
    37. Section: Unsere Geschichte

    38. If you are looking for a tomedo user in your area and specialisation, whom you would like to visit, then write to us. We will quickly find in our database the nearby tomedianten for you.
    39. tomedo® is now widely used in Germany from the Baltic Sea practice to the Bodensee clinik. Furthermore customers in Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Dubai have also our practice management software.
    40. The zollsoft GmbH employs meanwhile about 50 coworkers, 25 ones are high-profile programmers, 10 of them are Ph.D. computer scientists, physicists or mathematicians.